Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Look At Driving Range Netting

For golf course owners, safety is always going to be paramount. Many people may not think that golf can be dangerous, but it actually can, especially if you are using something like a driving range. Without a proper net to surround it, balls could fly around and hurt golfers or a cheap net could rebound balls too hard and hurt golfers. This is why owners need to look into putting in good driving range netting.

This driving range netting is what it sounds like, which is a net or multiple nets that enclose the entire driving range. The purpose is not only to close this area off from the rest of the course but to also keep balls in the area. The netting can also provide a bit of privacy.

They are made of various materials that are durable like polypropylene monofilament. The nets can be dyed various colors and can include different types of weaving and knotting designs to fit the area best.

The course can even request they be coated with things like fire- or UV-resistant coatings. The driving range netting then arrive to the specifications with selected metal rods that may or may not be made by netting company to put them up on the range.

Some details are not so small when it comes to golfing. For a quiet sport, it can take a lot of planning to create a safe space. I know that I would appreciate that level of detail in other aspects of life.

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